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Amazing Cake Art by the Winbeckler's

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r.m.csp2.jpgRoland & Marsha's Joint Projects - Including Their TV Challenge Cakes

Roland's Cakes--Amazing Life-Sized Cake Sculptures


Marsha's Cakes--Including Her Amazing Lambeth Cake & Exquisite Cocoa Painting


Roland & Marsha Winbeckler, Food Network and TLC's Ultimate Cake-Off personalities, create their large, amazing cakes on site around the US and for events locally. Custom Cakes are our specialty.


If you're interested in having them create "Amazing Cake Art" for you, please email

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About the Winbeckler's--Roland and Marsha Winbeckler are a husband/wife cake decorating team who met at a Cake Decorators's Convention. They teach professional cake decorating classes and create cake sculptures around the U.S. and have also taught or demonstrated in Canada, Jamaica, and Australia. They both have taught at the famous Wilton School of Decorating in Chicago, and Roland also taught at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York. They created the featured show cake for the 2012 International Cake Exploration Societe's (ICES) annual convention that was held August 2-5, 2012 in Reno, Nevada (see photos below). More info on ICES can be found here.

Roland was a double gold medal winner at the World Culinary Olympics held in Frankfurt, Germany, and was inducted into the Cake Decorating Hall of Fame in 1992. In 2012, he was named one of the Top Ten Cake Artists in North America by Dessert Professional Magazine.

Roland and Marsha have appeared on the Food Network and TLC's Ultimate Cake Off. They are both authors of cake decorating books and DVDs and have each written articles for trade magazines. They are also both instructors of online classes on Marsha was the editor of two international cake decorating newsletters for many years and on the 2011-2012 Editorial Board of American Cake Decorating Magazine and is a contest judge for

"Enjoy" Cake For Local Radio Show Hosts
We made this cake for our local KNCR Free Fire Radio Hosts, Carl & Linda Bott.
The sugar wine bottle is made of isomalt and the "wooden crate" is made of modeling chocolate.
To see how we did these, below are our YouTube videos on these techniques.
Roland did the crate, cheese, grapes, and lettering. Both Marsha and Roland made the bottle and Marsha baked the French Vanilla Sour Cream Cake (recipe on YouTube also).
"Enjoy" is a local lifestyle magazine and gift shop.
 Wafer Paper Possibilities
Here's a cake Marsha designed to show some possibilities of decorating a cake solely with wafer paper and/or edible frosting/icing sheets.
Special Wedding Cake 
danscake1.jpg danscake2.jpg 
danscake3.jpg danscake4.jpg 
Special Wedding Cake 

We recently did a very special wedding cake for our youngest son and his bride.

Above are some photos of the cake. The wedding colors were black and red.

The lace design was created to resemble the bridal dress lace.

One of benefits of our business is that we often receive products to test or review; and we recently received samples of Renshaw fondant and gum paste. (Renshaw is a well-established brand in the UK but has just recently been introduced in the US.)

After some pretesting, we decided to give it a real-world workout and use it on the wedding cake.

The white fondant kneads and rolls easily and thinly and produces a very smooth look. The flavor is a pleasant vanilla flavor.

There is no titanium dioxide (white color) in the white fondant so darker colored cakes (chocolate, etc.) or ganache under the fondant, etc. may show through the white fondant if rolled thinly.

For the flowers, we mixed 50% each red fondant and white gum paste with additional red gel color added for vivid red flowers. The mixture thinned and ruffled very well.

Black fondant with a little tylose/CMC added was used for the borders. We did notice that the black fondant was easier to tear than the white or red (with or without tylose/CMC added), but was still very workable.


Lifesize Guitar Cake

guitar1.jpg guitar2.jpg guitar3.jpg

Lifesize Guitar Cake


The strings are even edible. They are made of fondant!




Piping Buttercream Borders with Roland Winbeckler--Craftsy Class

Here's a half-price link for the class.




Fondant Ruffles, Pleats & Drapes with Marsha Winbeckler--Craftsy Class


Official Show Cake for International Cake Decorator's Convention--2012--Reno, NV
ices2012cake.jpg ices2012cake-2.jpgices2012cake-3.jpg 
ices2012cake-4.jpg  ices2012cake-5.jpg
The "book" was covered with fondant. The top and bottom pages were made of Icing Image icing sheets. These were formed to shape. The ink well was made of sugar (isomalt) and included a gumpaste feather quill. The desktop was fondant textured to resemble wood grain. And shown here is the text on the book pages.
Quilted Diamond-PatternCake With Pom-Pom Bow Displayed on "Floral Leaf" Cake Stand/Display Base
silverwedcake1.jpg silverwedcake2.jpg


Photos of entire cake and close-up photo of quilting and diamond-shaped accents.
Tiki Cake 
tikicake1.jpg  tikicake2.jpg
The tiki cakes were sculpted to resemble the couple hosting the luau and each cake stood about 2 ft. tall. Wood grain texture was added, and the features and texture were enhanced with an airbrush.
The bamboo-style lettering was made of fondant. The turtle was hand formed from modeling chocolate. The flower lei and sea shells were made of gum paste.The palm trees were fondant over copper tubing. Texture was added with scissors and modeling tools. An airbrush added color variations.
BevMo Grand Opening Cakes
bevmo1.jpd.jpg bevmo2.jpd.jpg
"Time To BevMo! Clock" Cake Sculpture for BevMo! Grand Opening. The clock turned slowly to show both sides. The wine bottles, shot glasses, and ice were made of isomalt sugar. The two spirit bottles and mint julip cup were carved from rice cereal treats. The bar tools, grapes and other details were hand formed from fondant.
BevMo! Ice Bucket and Keg Cake Sculpture for Second Day of Redding BevMo! Grand Opening. The wine and beer bottles and ice were made of isomalt sugar. The beer mugs were made of rice cereal treats covered in fondant. The grapes and other details were hand formed from fondant.
Cake for Couple Who Got Engaged in Alaska
alaska1.jpg alaska2.jpg 
alaska3.jpg alaska4.jpg
A couple from Alaska wanted a "wedding cake" that depicted the scene where they became engaged. There were in Alaska looking at a beautiful iceberg while sitting on a driftwood log. The iceberg had a hole in it--quite challenging to recreate with edible materials. The gumpaste figures were dressed just as the couple were on the day they became engaged. The ice on the lake was made of sugar. Through the magic of PhotoShop, the last photos shows the cake is set in a scene from Alaska.
Motorcycle Birthday Cake For Twins
motorcycle1.jpg motorcycle2.jpg 
motorcycle3.jpg motorcycle4.jpg
This motorcycle-themed birthday cake was 3 1/2 ft. long x 2 1/2 ft. tall. With a base "highway" cake, it served approximately 300. These non-identical twins were turning 60. They and their wives love to ride their motorcycles across the country. Notice the wives in the mirrors. The cake was decorated with fondant. The faces were hand formed from fondant.
Cherry Blossom Wedding Cake 
cherryblossoms1.jpg cherryblossoms2.jpg
A classic cherry blossom wedding cake that served about 150. Watch our YouTube video on easy cherry blossoms.
Luau Motorcycle Cake--A Hog riding a HOG!
hogmotorcycle1.jpg hogmotorcycle2.jpg
We made this cake for an annual luau hosted by a couple who both ride HOGs. The motorcycle is approx. 3 ft. long and the rider sits a little over 2 ft. high. The beach (which could be made into a highway) and the tank and fender were cake. The rider and motor were rice cereal treats, but could be cake if more servings were needed. (Second Photo--Riding buddies for our HOG friend--courtesy of Roland's PhotoShop skills.)
TLC Ultimate Cake Off TV Cake Challenge--Season 2
Cake Sculptures for Albert Pujols (Was with St. Louis Cardinals & League MVP) and His Wife Deidre


TLC Ultimate Cake Off TV Cake Challenge--Season 1
The cake was 8' 2" tall and weighed approx. 250 lb.
It was the tallest cake of the Ultimate Cake-Off season.

The top cake spun around, there were lights around and below the cake, and circus music played from a hidden player in the base (music was muted on the show).
Food Network TV Cake Challenge--Sesame Street Cakes

See More Photos & Close-Ups of our Oscar The Grouch Cake

For Food Network Sesame Street Cakes Challenge


The cake was approx. 5' 5" tall and weighed approx. 200 lb.














Luau Cake




We did a Luau cake locally, and the big challenge was that it would be outside in almost 100 degree heat. This affected what cake, icing, and decorating media we could use.

The palm trees had tubing supports and were decorated with fondant. The trunks and fronds were decorated using modeling tools and scissors. The coconuts were hand formed. An airbrush was used to add dimension.

The pig was stacked cake covered with fondant. For the face, a support was made for the snout. The facial detail was formed by hand.

The "lime" was covered with green fondant and then hand brushed with green and yellow food color for the citrus effect.

Hand-made gum paste orchids were placed around the board. Molded shells were brushed with cocoa powder.
We used a bottle mold to create the bottles. The bottles were then molded using hard candy that was cooked in the microwave until it became the color desired. Fondant was used for the bottle caps. Frosting sheets were used to print the beer logos.

Isomalt (we carry it in stock) and hard candy molds were used for the ice cubes. Isomalt was used because it remains clear at high, hard-candy temperatures--nobody wants yellow ice!
The "wooden planks" for the ice bucket were strips of brown marbled fondant, cut to size and let dry. After dried, they were airbrushed to add more woodgrain.

The rope for both the ice bucket and baseboard (around the cinnamon sugar sand) was created using an extruder.
Notice the "puddle" of ice on the board. This was made by pouring hot Isomalt onto a silicone mat and adding a finished "ice cube" before the "puddle" became firm.

Pricing/Delivery Info


Pricing:Our cakes are priced from $5.75 dollars per serving for basic buttercream-frosted and $7.75 per serving for fondant-covered cakes, varying according to the detail involved and the time required for your one-of-a-kind Amazing Cake Art. Some designs are best decorated using either buttercream or fondant and the per serving price will be charged according to the frosting required. The final price is determined by multiplying the price per serving by the number of servings ordered.



Sculpture projects and off-site projects are quoted depending on the complexity of the design and the location.
We have a $500.00 minimum for all orders.
Deposit Required to Reserve a Date:A fifty percent, non-refundable, deposit will reserve a date on our calendar. We're often booked several weeks to months in advance so please book as soon as you know the date of your event.



Delivery - Our usual delivery area is within a 25-mile radius of Redding, California. We will deliver to locations we feel our cakes can safely be delivered so please contact us to inquire about a specific location.
Delivery and set up fees are additional and are calculated at an hourly rate round-trip.